We want to create a world where the Environment does not need protection

Whom we involve

We want to invite entrepreneurs committed in green research and solutions, politicians with change proposals, environmental and social activists, engaged celebrities, dedicated green architects and city planners, photographers, musicians, artists, environmental pioneers, groups, foundations and civil society.

How we work

HEARTH works at times with different Institutions, Foundations and differentiated stakeholder, such as Climate Reality Project for Europe, 350.org Europe, the Italian Climate Network, Forum Terzo Settore, Focsiv, Jobel Group, CISP, Solved, SabinArti, Purenessity, etc.

What processes

We want to enable large-scale transition modules combining agro-ecological practices with socio-economic support mechanisms, through an energy shift; to access the existing public and private funds of green solutions; to deploy climate solutions through local innovation and sustainable models; to transition and transform economics, political crises and natural hazards, through a sustainable use of the existing resources, inspired by catalysing green approaches, smart city tendencies.

SoftScience 2021

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SoftScience. 17 goal in 17 luoghi di Roma per la sua seconda edizione si svolgerà dal 17 al 23 maggio 2021, con  il patrocinio di ASVIS (Alleanza Italiana per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile) e la collaborazione dell’Università di Roma-Sapienza ( il Corso di formazione interdisciplinare in Scienze della sostenibilità), la Comunità Educante Diffusa del VII Municipio di Roma, Caritas, ItaliaSmartCommunity e tanti altri, per misurarsi con i 17 obiettivi dell’Agenda 2030 per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile.

Walkabout Climate Emergency

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In collaboration with Urban Experience, RiavviaItalia and RUS (University Network for Sustainable Development)Sapienza University of Rome, Tuesday 22 September at Studio Tiepolo 38 (via Giovanni Battista Tiepolo 38) 5 pm, Walkabout Climate Emergency.

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Moment 01.2 / "SYNCHRONIC"

January 18th,  Montenero – January 25th,  Casaprota – February 1st, Mompeo

The Hearth Platform (www.hearth-platform.org), Earth and Art, together with  the Cultural Association SabinARTi, in collaboration with the municipalities of Montenero Sabino, Casaprota and Mompeo, present “SINCRONICA”, by Paolo Vanda. The initiative follows “Moment 01”, the initiative focusing on climate (in Sabina, September 20th  -26th, 2019, during the Global Climate Strike) and “Moment 0.1.1”, a roundtable discussion on architecture and territory (November 7th, 2019, in Collelungo Sabino).


It was launched on January 17, 2020, at the Istituto Istruzione Superiore “Confalonieri – De Chirico” “EcoArt“, an interdisciplinary activity that introduces a new topic, Art & Environment, involving students interactively .

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Sustainable Sundays: SOS Amazon For Life

Join us this week as we discuss the URGENCY in the Amazon and the immediate threat posed on the balance of Earth’s ecosystem, with a special guest, Stefania Romano from Hearth.And, as always, with our trusted partner, Hubzine ItaliaIn support of: Coiab Amazonia and other indigenous groups of the Amazon and Brasil. watch the video here:

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Covid-19 and human rights

Covid-19 showed us how fragile we are. We have built a world, thinking we can do everything we want, even flying to the moon; we have advanced in conquering territories, imposing the strong over the weak ones, valuing power and money over anything else. Yet coronavirus showed us, we were going in the wrong direction. […]

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Covid-19 and Humankind

Covid-19 pounced on us seemingly unannounced, although  health and environmental experts and scientists have for long warned about incumbent crises; the virus made its way very swiftly. And now is very much feared.  Covid-19 is clearly showing us what life would be if we do not act seriously on climate change prevention, as climate change […]